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Most homes suffer from relatively similar and common plumbing issues. Sometimes, asking your plumber the right questions is the easiest and most effective way to figure out whether or not there is a problem, and if so what is the best way to take care of it. Usually, there are a number of areas where common plumbing issues may occur, one of these is faucets. And here is the first question:

Does the faucet need replacing?

Whether or not the faucet is due for repair or replacement will depend on any obvious flaws like drips and leaks or other issues like faucet not being able to shut off, or turn on properly. Sometimes the state, condition and age of the faucet are the determining factor. In some cases, it is the type or style of the faucet that affects what needs to be done. Many faucets use standard parts, others are non-standard parts which are usually harder to find.

Should I replace the toilet?

Toilets are usually replaced only due to a small number of reasons. A working, older toilet would usually be replaced with a newer, water efficient toilet. In the US, new standard toilets contain just over gallon and a half of water, whereas the old standard allowed toilets of three and a half gallon capacity. Generally, toilets are replaced when not working properly and deemed unfixable. Toilets can also be replaced when the home is being renovated and a change of style is required. Sometimes, toilets are replaced for higher or lower units in order to provide users with more comfort.

Why is the drain blocked?

Although this is one of those almost rhetorical questions with no feasible answer, there are usually a small number of logical reasons why the drain is not working properly. Clogs or blockages can form around foreign objects present inside the drain pipe, the object itself can be the single cause of the blockage. Sometimes, it is age that causes drain clogs – deteriorating galvanized pipework or unsealed PVC piping can break and get stuck in drain pipes. Such types of issues require specialized assistance.

How to deal with a clogged sewer?

A blocked sewer line is worse than a clogged drain as there is usually backflow of all the dirty water that is supposed to be going the other way – away from the property. Until the plumbers arrive, do not use any of the taps or water using devices in the property – this will limit backflow. Make sure to contact a plumbing company that deals with plugged sewers as the procedure requires specialized equipment.

Does my boiler need replacement?

Many of the boilers still in use today are quite old and outdated in terms of efficiency. Even if the boiler in question is still in good health, a change for a modern, more efficient appliance of this kind is not a bad idea. Obvious flaws like leaks or any other visible damage or alteration to the appliance might also signal the need for replacement.

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