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Finding yourself an affordable plumber in San Diego is not a problem, though short listing a few potential candidates for the position is necessary so that you can make the best choice. There are a number of factors to be clarified or questions to be asked if you wish when it comes to choosing the right plumber.

  • Ask for references – indeed nothing beats word of mouth recommendations so check which plumber is servicing your friends, family etc. If you like what you hear, perhaps it would be best to use the services of that same plumber.
  • Do your homework – collect at least three quotes from other plumbers or plumbing companies before committing (or rejecting altogether). It would be a good idea to get a quote from a local plumber, from a small company, and from a large plumbing company*.
  • Now this bit of advice is optional though logical too – avoid big advert plumbers, ads on radio and TV cost big money thus higher prices for you. At the end of the day, it is always customers who pay the bill.
  • Know what plumber you prefer – do you feel more comfortable being serviced by a small, family run business, or prefer expertise of large plumbing companies. Usually this also has an effect on the price of the service**.
  • Focusing on smaller, family run plumbing businesses will be less costly. Such operations have lower overhead, and pass savings onto their customers. Smaller plumbing companies rely more on return customers and word of mouth which means less chance of overselling.
  • If choosing a plumber for an ongoing repair or replacement project, request an itemization on parts pricing. If possible compare the itemized price offer with another and check if there is any (big) difference between the two offers.
  • If you are enticed by the coupons or discount vouchers offered by a given plumbing company,check their prices without the discounts, and compare discounted and non-discounted prices with another one or two plumbing companies.
  • In order to save some more money, book your service for a weekday (if possible), plumbers usually charge extra for working weekends, public holidays and afterhours – keep that in mind when booking your service.

*By doing this you figure out which plumbers care enough to explain why and how they do things, and which plumbers aren’t really interested in providing you with a spot-on service.

**Usually smaller plumbing companies (including sole traders) offer lower prices, though they may not have the same capacity and level of expertise to deal with your problem effectively.

Be careful when budgeting for your plumbing repairs and take time to examine your options. Know that money should not be the sole factor you base your choice of plumbing contractor on. Expertise, attitude and punctuality are all qualities you need to watch out for when looking for your plumber.

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