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Choosing the right plumber for the job is not hard, but asking the right questions in advance will make the selection process swifter and easier. Ok, fair enough you are not buying a house – just choosing a plumber, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your homework.

Here some of the basic yet important aspects that you need to touch upon before making your final choice.

  • No matter what, choose a plumber that is fully licensed. Licensed plumbers are obligated to work in accordance to government health and safety regulations and standards. You can check the licensing status of many plumbing companies online.
  • Experience – plumbing requires a decent amount of expertise, much of which comes through years of industry experience. Ask the plumbers you have shortlisted how low they have been in the business, and in what areas of plumbing they specialize.
  • References – well-established plumbers will gladly and readily provide you with multiple references including the names and numbers of former and current customers who will vouch for them and confirm their skills and experience.
  • If choosing a plumber for a specific or large project collect multiple service quotes or estimates on projected costs, work, duration etc. Also ask if the quoted price is solid, or will be amended in course of the project.
  • Warranty and guarantee – before committing to a service offer, ask for a warranty or a guarantee period on work performed by the plumbers. Good companies have a guarantee work period.
  • Emergency work – many plumbers don’t deal with emergencies, others deal only with emergencies. Find out what your shortlisted plumbers specialize in. If looking for emergency plumbers, or afterhours plumbers, be ready for higher costs in all instances;
  • Safety – a good plumber should have a clean safety record. Avoiding personal injury (resulting in property damage) on the job is essential so watch out who you are about to hire. Remember accidents do happen, it’s when they happen all the time that’s the problem.
  • Consult with the plumbers on their service policies – some plumbers allow customers to buy and supply their own parts, materials etc. others do not. Many times people save money by purchasing spares and materials on their own.
  • Clean-up – plumbers usually make a bit of a mess, it is part of the job. Ask who will do the cleaning at the end – some plumbers do their own cleaning as part of the quoted prices, others charge you extra for cleaning, and some don’t clean at all.

In case you are having hard time finding the right plumber or plumbing company for your requirements, there are customer slash service support organizations that can help you. What you have to do is submit a request to them and they will provide you with a list of potential plumbers, suitable for the job. Some of these organizations can even oversee the work or help you negotiate the terms of the service – using specialized help in order to find qualified assistance – a great way to bulletproof your service choice.

It would also be good to check how many years of experience your plumber has working for that particular company. Long term employment usually speaks well of a given contractor or company.

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