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Dealing with some of the more common plumbing issues and basic plumbing maintenance around the property can be done on your own, using a relatively small number of easy to use plumbing tools and supplies. There are however times when specialized assistance will be needed, in such cases San Diego plumbers are your disposal twenty four hours a day.

In order to keep the list of plumbing tools short and sweet, here is a list of the most basic yet essential tools and supplies that should be present in every home:

  • Pipe wrench – aka adjustable spanner. This tool comes in a variety of sizes, it is cheap to buy and available in every hardware store. The specially designed toothed jaws of the wrench allow for loosening and tightening of pipes, joints, taps etc.
  • Locking pliers – these look similar to normal pliers though they are designed for clamping and holding things together. They are widely used for clamping pipes, bolts and nuts while other operations are performed; usually there is a screw at one of the handles which allows for plier width adjustments when larger objects need clamping.
  • Rib-joint pliers – this are similar to the locking pliers mentioned above though they are more heavy duty and use for tightening pipes in order to stop leaks; they have an adjustable pivot at the handle too.
  • Pipe cutters – these clever plumbing tools allow for easy, clean cut of copper, steel and plastic piping. There are also pipe cutters designed for cutting flexible and rigid tubing – the type commonly used for outdoor sprinkler systems.
  • Interchangeable screwdriver set – this screwdriver kit is indispensable for home plumbing maintenance and repair. These screwdrivers can be used for a variety of jobs, including disassembly and assembly of water appliances, as well as faucet replacement. The most versatile type is the so called 4-in-1 screwdriver.
  • Sealants – Teflon tape (or similar) as well as water resistant silicone (or similar compounds) can help stop leaks, or minimise leaks while qualified assistance arrives on site.
  • Drain cleaning tools – drains love getting blocked, they tend to make a big mess too when clogged so the sooner you handle the situation effectively the better. For the job you will likely need a good plunger, toilet and drain augers, possibly hydraulic blow bags though these are quite specialised.
  • Measuring tape – although last on the list, measuring tape is essential to your DIY plumbing kit too. Best to have a steel, retractable tape as it doesn’t require manual support and adjustment over long distances

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