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Sooner or later every property owner is faced with a plumbing problem. Many people would be happy to give the DIY approach a go, others however would be reluctant to use guesswork as means to fixing the plumbing. When it comes to DIY plumbing and dealing with water issues on your own the most important and essential thing is to know your own skills and capacity. In other words – which issues you can tackle, and which must be dealt with by a qualified San Diego plumber.

If knowing your limits is the first and foremost aspect of DIY plumbing projects, the rest of it comes down to basic understanding of how the plumbing and water supply works, also planning and safety.

In case you feel confident in your DIY plumbing skills and willing to give repairs a go of your own, before doing anything else shut off the water to the property. To do this you need to locate the main water supply valve. On many occasions, it might also be necessary to shut off gas supply coming in as well – this is also done through a gas supply valve.

Safety tip – if at any one point you feel in over your head or there is something unclear or unusual concerning the plumbing or fitting problem, by all means stop right there and call in for specialized assistance. This would be small price to pay for peace of mind.

In order to deal effectively, even with small scale plumbing issues, you need a clear understanding of how plumbing and drain systems work. The more time you spend studying the problem the more efficient and easy it will be to fix it. Knowing how things work will also keep you safe during repairs and maintenance. The keywords that will help you learn and understand how your property’s plumbing and water supply system works are: gravity and pressure. Another way to view things in order to grasp the concept is to divide the overall plumbing system into two separate subsystems – the one bringing fresh water to the property, and the one that takes waste water away from the property – in other words supply and drainage.

Planning for the job, as well as obtaining all the necessary tools and equipment is also very important. You need to have done this in advance as there is nothing more frustrating than being stranded halfway through a plumbing repair project due to lack of tools or insufficient amount of plumbing supplies.

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