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Easy Plumbing Fixes: Silence Noisy Pipes

Rattling noises, banging and squeaks or howls are common issues, especially for properties with aging plumbing and drainage systems. Although not particularly dangerous for the plumbing system itself,noisy pipes are a real nuisance to put up and live with. Silencing noisy pipes doesn’t always require qualified assistance, though before you begin to perform the check-ups […]

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Basement Plumbing – DIY Tips for Adding a Basement Bathroom

Adding a bathroom in the basement is a good way to make your home more functional and possibly increase its market value too. An extra bathroom in the basement will also come in quite handy in case you have turned the basement into a games or hobby room – there will be no need to […]

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DIY Plumbing – Learn the Basics

Sooner or later every property owner is faced with a plumbing problem. Many people would be happy to give the DIY approach a go, others however would be reluctant to use guesswork as means to fixing the plumbing. When it comes to DIY plumbing and dealing with water issues on your own the most important […]

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Plumbing Tools & Supplies for Home Maintenance Projects

Dealing with some of the more common plumbing issues and basic plumbing maintenance around the property can be done on your own, using a relatively small number of easy to use plumbing tools and supplies. There are however times when specialized assistance will be needed, in such cases San Diego plumbers are your disposal twenty […]

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12 Tips for Leak Detection

Seemingly insignificant water leaks around the property can end up costing owners a heap of money especially if left unattended. Just like any other infrastructure, water lines, pipework, faucets and water appliances age and wear. In result they start to leak. Leaks don’t necessarily cause property damage (although they could) but they beef up the […]

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