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There can be a number of pitfalls when referring to new fixtures and appliance installation. San Diego residents know that this is task that requires the plumbing skills of a specialist. So here are some of the various appliances and fixtures that we are able to help fit and some of the pitfalls if you choose to do it yourself.

  • Washing Machines – You need to be aware of the way that the stop-valve on your particular brand of machine works and also to make sure that the water supply hose is properly connected. This is a quick and easy job for an expert, but could potentially flood your home on the first wash if you try to do this yourself and don’t get it right.
  • Dishwashers – With dishwashers you need the discharge pipe and the supply pipe to be adjacent to each other, and you also need to make sure that all the connections are sound. There is a lot of water pumping through a dishwasher at any one time and even a small problem will cause a big mess on your floor.
  • Garbage Disposal Units – These can potentially be a problem to fit, if you don’t know what you are doing. There are a number of different ring and flange connections and you will need access to some specialist supplies, such as plumber’s putty, if you want to do the job correctly. As it comes to plumbing and appliance installation San Diego is area well covered by us.
  • Faucets – A leaking faucet is a nightmare for any home! If it happens at night then you can end up with water damage that can cost you thousands of dollars to fix.
  • Toilets and Bathrooms – Often much of the plumbing for toilets and baths is hidden behind wooden panels to improve the look of the bathroom. That is fine, but if the plumbing is not quite right then it means you could have a leak and not know about it for days.

Rather than struggling for weeks trying to do this yourself why not give us a call on 858-277-1153 and get us to do it for you?

The job of fitting your new appliances will be handled by the owner of the company, Scott, who has 23 years’ of plumbing experience and prides himself on providing great service with a smile.


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