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Water Pressure Testing in San Diego

High and Low Water Pressure are Both Dangerous

One of the things that you, as a home owner, should be well aware of is the water pressure of your household plumbing. You might consider high water pressure to be a good thing, but it actually can cause a lot of headaches. Generally speaking, people think that low water pressure is the real thing they should be worrying about, because they associate it with a very weak water flow. In reality, though, it is much better to have the pressure lowered than heightened. San Diego water pressure testing service is hard to find, especially if you are searching for a reliable expert. Fortunately you could give us a call and book a professional San Diego water pressure testing service.

A weak water flow is most commonly due to a clogged shower head or problems with the faucet aerator. If you have high water pressure, the problems can be much more serious – your pipes and fixtures are likely to worn out very quickly and sometimes they could even burst, flooding your entire home. And that’s a thing that you should definitely avoid.

To lower your water pressure, we can install or replace an existing pressure regulator. You won’t even notice the difference. Usually this part tends to last for about 10 years, so it’s a pretty good investment. Another thing we will check is the shutoff valve – if it’s old or in bad shape, we’ll change that too and save you a lot of money that would otherwise go for future plumbing repairs.

Keep in mind that regular quality checks on your plumbing system are as important as your yearly medical checkups. You’d better take care of your home, or at least let us – the true professionals look after it.


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